Written by The SiteSolve Team on 24/05/2021

New SiteSolve Features

SiteSolve’s development team has been working hard to bring to life the functionality our clients have been asking for. The latest developments give the user more control on the building layouts and arrangements, allowing clients to quickly visualise their land development options and understand the solutions they are imagining. Check out our new tools that give users more control and evaluation functionality than ever before...


This new functionality allows the ideas in your head to be drawn within the platform so you can immediately see the resulting data that matters to you, including unit numbers, mix achieved, even cost and value. 



Have even greater control with the improved editing functionality. Tweak or adjust the ideas created by SiteSolve's generative design algorithm or that you've drawn to refine and explore all your options. You no longer have to wait a week to see the impact of adding that floor, or adjusting that block length - our land planning software can show you.


Our new analysis functionality allows you to instantly evaluate and compare your ideas in one place, without the need for multiple consultants.


Instantly understand which apartments have views in a specific direction, for example towards water. Use SiteSolve to optimise or evaluate your ideas to increase the quality and land value of your residential development.


Create quality external spaces with SiteSolve's overshadowing analysis. Quickly understand which areas make great parks or gardens, or where you can tweak your design to improve the outdoor environment.


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