Our Mission

Populations are growing and cities need better planning, decision-making and investment.

With 50,000+ planning applications made each year, and major ones taking between one and six years to determine, it’s time for change.

With the support of technology our mission is that SiteSolve will help users  create a more resilient place in which we all live, work and enjoy.

SiteSolve's History

SiteSolve was developed by Ramboll, a leading global engineering, design and consultancy company. Ramboll's Computational Design team brought together their algorithmic and engineering skills to pioneer new ways of designing the built environment. The application of this technical acumen imbue SiteSolve with the judgement needed to address real-world design problems. 

In January 2022, leading smart city planning platform, VU.CITY, acquired SiteSolve. VU.CITY helps built environment experts across the UK and Ireland make better design and planning decisions, faster.